I started watching Gilmore Girls as soon as it came on the air. I fell instantly in love. Rory was my age and she and Lane were going through was I was going through a lot of the time. Rory made me feel as though you could care about school and like reading and still have friends and maybe even boyfriends.

I have watched the series several times, each time at a different point in my life. The last time I watched it all the way through, now in my 30s with a daughter of my own, I thought I would feel the most like Lorelai, but the person I found myself aching for was Emily.

The pain of doing what you think is best for your own child and having them do nothing but run away from you.

I took the day off work on Friday. I needed the break and I wanted to spend the whole day with my girls under great big blankets, cuddling with my dog.

Now I’ve watched the whole new series twice through, and I am both satisfied and unsatisfied.

There is so much about it that was just right. So much nostalgia and so many tributes paid to fans. But that darn Amy Sherman Pallidino left us in shock again. Those famous last four words. I cannot imagine those four words 10 years ago, and now they leave me only wanting more.

But, in truth, I always would have wanted more Gilmore.




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