I did something to my shoulder over the weekend. My shoulder or my neck or both. I don’t know if I just slept funny or if I’ve actually done some damage, but whenever I move in certain ways I get waves of nausea.

Winter arrived yesterday. Nasty, frigid, howling winter. The kind of winter that brings terrible driving conditions and worse drivers.

The kid was sick all weekend, and yet things still seemed busy. I finally got some cleaning done, but little else.

I feel as though I can only think about doing things that would make me feel better but never actually get around to doing them.

I feel tired, sick, dumb and useless.

I have ideas I can’t quite conquer. My attention span is getting shorter. I’m tired. I’m cold all the time. I can’t breathe through my nose.

I miss my kid. I miss being the parent who is on top of things. I miss hanging out with her like we used to before she was in school and I was in school and now that I’m working. Days when I could just decide we were going to go off on an adventure together.

We had two great years.

I miss her, but when I’m with her I can’t quite handle it. I’m constantly on the edge of a cliff.

This doing it all business is hooey.

But on Friday, there will be rest and relaxation and Gilmore Girls. All the Gilmore Girls. Probably twice.

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