Last Friday was Orange Shirt Day and Joe and I have both talked to the kid about the significance of that, about Indigenous peoples and their history at the hands of people like us. It’s not an easy conversation, but it’s so important and I hate that there were all these terrible things that I didn’t know about until I was much older. I am very thankful to now be actively working to help reconciliation in my day to day job.

And as we were talking about these children losing their culture and being taken away from their families and the difficulty that has caused for generations, she turns to me and she asks “Is God real?”

The pause to end all pauses.

I knew that someday we would need to talk about this, Joe and I talked about it, we had ideas of how she was to be raised. And then comes this question at a moment when I was talking about something else so big and hard. And there we were.

And all I could tell her is that I don’t know. I have tried to discern what I believe and I just don’t know.

And then she told me that she does think God is real, that she talks to God – and now knows the word prayer – but that when she thinks of God it is a lady god. And now she knows the word goddess.

I told her that there are many different religions and many different beliefs. That Daddy and I wanted her to figure that out for herself but we will answer her questions as best we can, or find people to answer questions.

And then she went to bed and I called my mother-in-law and then my mother and then talked to Joe because this kid thinks such big thoughts and I’m not quite sure what to do with her.

But now I know, and ever we go forward.


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