I am one week in to my new job, and I haven’t cried once, but on Friday┬áit was a very close call. So much has been thrown at me in such a very short time.

Of course, that includes the fact that I got the job, bought a car and started within about a week.

I haven’t worked in an office in more than four years and now I am again. And I’m commuting, and my daughter has daycare.

All of a sudden.


And it strikes me as funny that I’m overwhelmed right now after all of the things I’ve been through over the past two years. I have done a lot over the past two years, but all of that had an end date. A day I could point to and say yes, this is hard, but here is the day it will be done.

Now I’m in a new world where I have some pieces and I have to make them all fit. It has to work, and I have to make it. I have to figure out what I can do to take care of myself, take care of my kid, take care of my relationships, my house, keep our budget rolling and also transform my health.

The excellent news is that I now get to chat with great people everyday about all of it. Every morning I get to start my day alone in the office with Allyson, who has accomplished so much and is so open to helping guide me.

I feel lucky that I’ve ended up here. I just need to feel my way around a little bit.

Routine starts tomorrow, let’s get to it. In the meantime – happy puppy.


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