When I got the email asking me if I wanted to try out Chef’s Plate, a service that delivers a recipe and all its required ingredients to your door, I jumped. Meal planning has never been easy, and since the kid’s declaration that she wants to be vegetarian it’s gotten harder. Having it all there in front of me, the ingredients measured out and the recipe explained with pictures, is so easy I could get used to it.

And I got the whole family involved in our first recipe test after the refrigerated box landed on our doorstep. 20160816_152258

20160816_16004520160816_161652The recipe was super easy to follow, with each ingredient measure out for you (except for vegetables that need to be prepped.


and our final product, a white pizza with a green bean salad, was pretty good too.

I was surprised because I’m not usually a huge zucchini fan, but the flavour of the one included in our box was very nice. We did opt to leave off the red onion, though it would have added more flavour I was worried the kid would balk. She’s been very fussy about her food lately and onions are a no-go.

Next we will try the stuffed peppers, leaving the beef out of the vegetarian’s. She loves peppers and rice, so that one should be a hit.

Since I’m getting ready to head back to work, and we’re trying to ensure that our diets don’t go south when that happens, the opportunity to try out Chef’s Plate could not have come at a better time. Now I know we can easily plan two or three meals a week and have everything on hand to make those meals. It also makes it easier to get the kid helping in the kitchen – something we want to do to make sure she not only learns how to cook things, but also to give her an incentive to try new meals.

If you want to try out Chef’s Plate yourself, you can put #AMYBOUGHNER during checkout (where they ask for a code in the top right corner) and you’ll get three credits for free plates.

Disclaimer: I was given the opportunity to try two recipes in a family plan for free. All opinions are my own. 


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