Three times in my adult life I have planned trips to New York City. The first time we were going to go with friends and explore for a couple of weeks, and then I found out I was pregnant and budget priorities changed drastically. The second time Joe was going to have a work meeting, allowing me to tag along and explore the city while he had a hotel room paid for by expenses, and then they opted to change the location.

A few months ago I bought tickets to see Hamilton. Three tickets for a matinee performance on November 12.

My convocation, where I will receive my Masters degree, is scheduled for November 12. I figured this out this morning.

I posted about this on Facebook and many people have said that it’s obvious – skip the grad and go to Hamilton. But for me it was pretty obvious. For Joe it was even more obvious. I am crossing that stage.

For two years I have worked very hard, spent time away from my daughter because I had class or I had to study. For two years I have worked on rekindling a passion I thought I had lost. When I was 16 I thought about dropping out of high school. For years I never thought I could or would get a university degree, let alone a Masters. I certainly did not think that I would get top marks. I didn’t think I would come out the other side feeling so good about myself, about my purpose and about what comes next.

I will walk across that stage. I will do it for my daughter, who has lost time with me and needs to understand that it was worth it for all of us. She needs to see me standing tall, being proud and achieving what I set out to achieve.

I will do it for my father, who first suggested I apply, who would be proud of me, who for a long time thought I was lost, because I was. For my husband and my mother who took over childcare and proofread assignments and gave me time to nap when I was desperate. I will do it for me, because I did this for me. I will do it so that I can see all my classmates and professors and we can celebrate together.

Hamilton will be on Broadway for more than one day, and soon we will have a bigger budget and can plan more than a quick weekend away.

My graduation is one day that is worth so much more.


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