I saw it coming. I knew there would be a day when she took her knowledge of where meat comes from and chose to become a vegetarian. I knew it was going to happy and so when she told me today I was not shocked. Just worried.

I’m not a good eater. I have never had a lot of variety in my diet, I don’t handle spice well and I’m scared of a lot of new things. All my life I have eaten and enjoyed meat. One of my favourite winter meals is meatloaf with mashed potatoes and green beans. I love roasting a chicken, making burgers.

I don’t have a problem with my kid going vegetarian, I fully support that. I just want her to do it without me having to.

This also means that I have to find and test new recipes. Luckily I have friends already sending me links on Facebook and I’ve got my Pinterest working. I foresee teaching myself how to best cook and serve various beans. When she asked me, timidly, what’s in hamburgers I told her it was beef, but that I think people make burgers with black beans and we can try it out.

I haven’t talked to her about bacon or sausage yet.

I did, however, talk to her about the different kinds of vegetarian she can be – she said she’s okay with eating some animal products like dairy and eggs, which is a big relief. I’d hate to try and feed her after cutting cheese out of her life. And I just perfected my chocolate chip cookies in the past few years, I am not taking the eggs out of that recipe.

We are also going to have to have a conversation about how picky she’s been getting lately. She used to eat almost everything I put in front of her, but lately she’s been complaining she doesn’t like this or that – my homemade macaroni and cheese, bell peppers that she used to eat like candy, sweet potatoes. She’s going to need to expand a little bit if she’s not going to be eating meat any more, and promise to at least try the new recipes I experiment with. We’ll all have to.

Meanwhile, today I ate some cereal, some bread and cheese and ice cream. Oh, and coffee. So really a kickstart to thinking harder about what we’re all eating is not a bad thing.

Most importantly, this kid is non-stop energy – on Tuesday she spent the entire day at camp playing, then had an hour in the splash pad and asked to jump on her trampoline when we got home – and she needs fuel. I need to figure out how to feed her right.

Holding her entire body weight with her arms
Holding her entire body weight with her arms, like you do

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