We went to Washington and I have so many good things to say about that city. I also have many good things to say about the way in which we travelled there.

Joe was on his way to DC for a business trip – he had a conference to attend – so he had a hotel room there and paid for, meanwhile my classes are done and what’s one week of senior kindergarten? Off we went in a CMAX that Ford Canada graciously lent us – a CMAX Energi, which means it is a plug-in hybrid. In fact, we left the house on a full charge and we paid about $40 for gas the entire time we were away…

She's a beaut
She’s a beaut

I already talked a bit about the CMAX and how much fun Fords are to drive, but I had such fun with this car I wanted to talk a bit more about it. And talk a bit more about how great Washington was – Ottawa could take a few lessons in capital-ing.

Now, Joe is not a fan of GPS, but he never gets lost. I am a huge fan of GPS because I have a terrible sense of direction. (North means nothing to me unless I’m in Ottawa and I know which way the Peace Tower is). The CMAX had GPS, but it didn’t have to be giving directions, Joe could set it so that it was just a map of where we were and what direction we were going in. It also tells you the speed limit of the road you’re driving on. Because of this same lack of any sense of direction and space, I also very much appreciate the rear camera that helps you back up.

Now, again because of the aforementioned terrible sense of direction, I was nervous about leaving the hotel with my kid and getting lost in Washington, even though everyone speaks English there. But here is how great Washington (and Google Maps on my Android phone) is – I found the Lincoln Memorial BY MYSELF with minimal panic.

Now the Lincoln Memorial is directly opposite the Washington Monument.


And if you walk pretty much straight down the street – lined with trees and benches so there’s plenty of shade and places to rest – you find ALL THE MUSEUMS.

We went to see American History, Natural History and Air and Space, the National Zoo – all free. I also got to explore the Newseum while the kid and her Dad walked up to get some gelato.

Found a new friend at the Air and Space Museum
Found a new friend at the Air and Space Museum

I’m a fan of museums. I was very lucky to grow up in Canada’s capital where we happen to host many national museums and I have been to all of them – except the Diefenbunker, maybe this Summer of Awesome…

But there is so much history in the United States. There is so much that has happened there that their museums get to share with us. Like Elmo. We saw the original Elmo.

Never have I been to a city that thinks of its walkers so much. Its tourists.

Met Dory at the Natural History Museum
Met Dory at the Natural History Museum

I also did some cross-border shopping while we were gone – I wanted to explore both Torrid and Lane Bryant, and the kid misses Target desperately. I should really write about plus-size stores at some point, I have many opinions. Now, add clothes shopping to the luggage and souvenirs and you’ll see why I’m a fan of the power liftgate – kick you leg out and the trunk understands you need it open. It’s genius.

I think it’s fair to say we all had a good time driving to DC and back – with a short Delaware detour.


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