I’m working on a grant application today, putting into action all the things I learned from helping my father finalize many a SSHRC proposal.

Those who work examining such applications are looking for reasons to deny your application right off the bat. If they can deny your application, they they have a smaller 20160425_111237pool to work with. If you want to be one of the last ones in the pile you have to make sure you have crossed your ts and dotted your is.

Use their language, answer all their questions with no more and no less information than is required, put all the checkmarks in all the right boxes. Do all the math and then do it again to make sure you did it right, and then do it again just in case.

And this is why there are professionals who earn a living getting these proposals exactly right for clients.

This is not going to be quick work, but it can’t be if you want to get things right. And you won’t get your grant if you don’t get things right.

Right now I’m focussed on taking it step by step, reading the guide to the application as I go, and highlighting sections I have to come back to when I have more information.

Slow and steady.


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