I used to never use the block function on Twitter. People who block were always criticized for not listening to the other side of issues. If you block you’re accused of not being able to back up your argument and sometimes much worse. People who get blocked can get abusive and cruel – you blocked them because you didn’t want to hear the truth etc.

But in the past year or so I’ve come to the realization that my timelines is mine. I am open to disagreements, I’ve been a part of lively debates. But there are people who seem to seek out opinions they disagree with and @ you just to let you know they think you’re wrong. All the while using some choice language and insults.

Like the guy who I don’t follow, who doesn’t follow me, who thinks that Equal Voice is stupid because the best candidate should always win. “Period.”

Dude. Nobody asked you. I don’t disagree that the best candidate should win, but I also know the statistics about encouraging women to run and how women can effect change. That fact is that women can be the best candidates but right now the whole system is set up for them to fail. But I don’t need to have the conversation with you now or ever.


The guy who decided that I needed to know that my views on how the legal system works and what’s wrong with the way it treats victims is “childish.”

Yep, blocked.

Blocked because I don’t know you and I don’t care what you think. I disagree with you wholeheartedly and I don’t need to waste my time engaging you and hearing all about why you think I’m wrong.

I have my own shit to deal with.

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