Blocking unabashedly

Issues, Personal

I used to never use the block function on Twitter. People who block were always criticized for not listening to the other side of issues. If you block you’re accused of not being able to back up your argument and sometimes much worse. People who get blocked can get abusive and cruel – you blocked […]

March 27, 2016



So this whole ‘doing my Master’s while working an election campaign and working two other contracts, sometimes three right after my father died’ thing is a bit overwhelming. Add to the pile end of term assignments and a sick little girl and that changes to really fucking hard. I knew when I started this journey […]

March 15, 2016

Manning Centre Conference: On Comms

Issues, Learning

I had the opportunity to attend the Manning Centre Conference in Ottawa last weekend. A conference like this is a great opportunity to sit back and listen to how others approach certain issues. A bit of opposition research if you will. The first and possibly most interesting session was a journalist panel that touched on […]

March 1, 2016