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February 24th, 2016 | Posted by Amy Boughner in Parenting


Someone on Twitter shared this post from CBC Kids and I started writing it out to check things off, but I realized this is a better place than any other. I’m also wondering how many of these I accomplished as a kid. So I’m crossing out the ones my kid has gotten to do, and bolding the ones that I remember from my own childhood.

24 Ways Every Child Should Play Before Age 12 (We’re half-way there now).

1. Experience total weightlessness at the top of a swing

2. Skip stones across water

3. Play leap frog (I have no memory of playing leapfrog with my kid, though she may have played at school or daycare. My not playing with her could be a result of the fact that the last time I played leapfrog with a little kid I was a slightly bigger kid, she got hurt and I got blamed. Psychology!)

4. Hang upside down from a tree limb She hangs upside down virtually all the time, and I know she climbed at least one tree, but I don’t think she actually hung upside down from the tree…

5. Jump into water cold enough that it almost takes their breath away

6. Throw rocks or snowballs at a post from a distance until they get a bulls eye

7. Ride a bike with no hands  

8. Paddle a canoe

9. Piggyback someone

10. Roll down a big hill

11. Try a sport that requires a helmet  When I play sports I tend to get injured

12. Collect something in a forest

13. Make up a dance routine

14. Slide down something on a piece of cardboard

15. Build a fort

16. Hike somewhere for a picnic We need to go on more picnics…

17. Bury someone they love in the sand She buried my feet once. I have no recollection of ever doing this myself. 

18. Play outside in the rain

19. Jump in a pile of leaves

20. Make a snow angel

21. Fly a kite She got one in her Christmas stocking

22. Create an obstacle course Does her messy bedroom count?

23. Swim in a lake or an ocean

24. Make up a game involving a ball

My kid is really good at playing, and increasingly good at playing by herself, which is awesome. She got a huge imagination and she makes me think about the times that I did too.

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