2015 has been wound down and I’ve been back full throttle in 2016 for the last few days. Today, however, I am in bed with a fever, possibly the flu, and I’ve been thinking about the many things that happened in 2015.

When 2015 started I was headed into my last semester of undergrad and starting the statistics course I had avoided taking the first time around. I was terrified and I ended up with an A. Actually, one of the last emails I exchange with my father, who had told me I would be fine, was to tell him my mark.

In 2014 my daughter started school and she continued to excel in SK. There were some rough moments but it seems to be fairly smooth now. She’s about to turn 6 and I’m already thinking about Grade 1.

This time last year I didn’t yet know if I had been accepted for the Master’s program. I didn’t hear back until April and I was so worried that I wouldn’t get in. If I hadn’t gotten in then going back to school would have been pointless. But I did, and I ended my first semester with two As, an A+ and an A-. So basically I rock.

That’s something I would love to share with my father, who actually suggested to me that I apply for this program as though it was something I should obviously do. But in May of 2015 he died suddenly. An article I read recently described it as an untimely death, which seems a bit silly since the man was 82.

I wondered a lot over the years how I would react when my father died. I mostly reacted by just wanting more time. I wanted him to have more time with my kid, I wanted him to see me graduate and set off on a great career.

Though even though I love my program and I’m having a great time learning I’m still trying to figure out how I want to use this degree.

2015 also saw me try to balance working an election campaign while also doing my Master’s degree. I mostly managed, except for winding up in the ER with severe bronchitis and an asthma attack. And so 2015 also marked the beginning of my trying to live with asthma as a adult. I had it as a kid but stopped using my inhaler regularly years ago. Now if I’m out in the cold wind for a few minutes I’m desperate for it.

This could also be a result of the fact that I ended 2015 about 20 pounds heavier than I started. That is also related to the fact that I feel like an idiot who must just be out of control.

So, I guess 2016 will be a bit of an adventure. Growth and learning and seeking out answers. But at this point I don’t really know.

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