Capping off 2015:

I spent the day cleaning our bedroom so when we wake up it will be fresh and clean.

We went to dinner at St. Hubert’s just like I used to do with my mom and my sister every year when there were more St. Hubert’s in Ottawa and one was walking distance from our house. Joe and I shared sangria.

We drove home dancing and singing, When we got here we had an early celebration – as the clock struck midnight in Britain because we have a five year old and why not.

We popped some Christmas crackers and played Happy on Just Dance and then I decided to give the dog a bath so he’s fresh for 2016 too.

I look like Jughead
I look like Jughead



In 2016:
I will turn 35
I will celebrate 9 years of marriage
I will have a 6 year old and she will start Grade 1
I will graduate with my Master’s degree
I will kick off the next part of my career
I will draw and paint regularly
I will read 50 books or more
I will watch TV while I complete jigsaw puzzles
I will push myself past more limits

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