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2016: Challenging myself

December 30th, 2015 | Posted by Amy Boughner in #MommyScholar | Personal

I’ve been thinking about things I want to do in 2016. There are the obvious things – finish my degree and get a job (or find several jobs), get healthier, learn more, do more. But more specifically I’m trying to remind myself to do all the things that I love doing. Because I have spent part of 2015 remembering all the things I love doing.

And so I’ll take on some challenges for myself. Perhaps like my friend @yumikid I will give myself checkmarks every day I go to the gym and like @MavenofMayhem remind myself of the good I’m doing and the successes I have. I will challenge myself to actually feel better. And given my health of late that seems more important than anything.

I have been doing some painting and drawing lately and have discovered that while I enjoyed acrylics as a child I now really enjoy the effect of pen and watercolour to create. I love sitting at my desk with brushes and paper and Pinterest for inspiration. It doesn’t have to be great as long as I enjoy it. And I do, much more than the adult colouring book I tried.

I will challenge myself again to read 50 books. I’m not going to make it to 50 in 2015 but I’ve cut myself some slack given the challenges I faced this year. I’ve been in school most of the year and I lost a lot of time in the summer after my father died. But I have enjoyed book bingo again this year, and if I manage to finish The Turn of the Screw in the next 48 hours I will have completed my card. I have shelves full of fiction and non-fiction, books about politics and books to help with building my business. At some point I’ve got to ban myself from buying more books until I’ve gotten through them all.

Bookstores are so enticing.

I love to read and reading begets writing. I took on #NaNoWriMo again this year. I didn’t finish, but I do have about 20,000 words of a story that I think I like and that’s success enough for me. I have to remind myself that writing, no matter what form it takes, is great exercise for my mind and soul. Whether it’s a blog or putting pen to paper it’s cathartic, always.

Especially when you match a really good pen with smooth white paper.

Finally I’m going to allow myself time with a good puzzle and some trashy television. Something to give my brain a workout while the other one destroys it a little bit.

2016 is going to be a bit strange. I know what the first half has in store for me, and after that it’s anyone’s guess. I’ll do an internship. I might get a job in an office. I might get a job telecommuting. I might create my own job. There will be ups and downs but I fully suspect that I will come out of 2016 better than I started it. And I will have some special people by my side the whole way.



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Baby Girl

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And a puppy

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