I am now done my first semester of my Masters program, which means I have one more semester of classes and then an internship. Right now I don’t have any real idea of what’s ahead in my next courses, except for who will be teaching them, so, of course, I’m looking past those classes and thinking about my internship.

Last week I sat down and had a long talk with a professor who was able to offer some insight into some thoughts I’ve been struggling with around where I go next. And then yesterday a friend asked me what my dream internship would be. I have some idea of my passions and issues I would like to be able to help address.

It’s pretty clear that women’s issues are at the top of my list, and over the past few years I’ve had the privilege of learning a bit about Inuit culture and the struggles Canada’s First Nations, Inuit and Métis peoples face. I want to work as an ally for them, for women, for our LGBT population.

But above all, I would love to dedicate my internship time working on the inquiry the Liberal government has promised to the families of missing and murdered indigenous women.

Part of this desire is, of course, selfish. To be part of history, to be doing something that matters. But part of it is also that I want to do whatever I can to make sure that the families get what they need out of this inquiry. That change happens. That whoever conducts it has the information and support they need to make the inquiry matter.

That was the thing I love about doing my job on the hill as a media monitor – It was up to me (not only me, but still) to make sure that the party leader had the information he needed to answer questions he was asked and to ask questions that needed answering. That little element that I could provide, that job that I did really well, that meant something in the bigger picture.

I’d also just love a chance to meet and work with our new Minister of Justice and an opportunity to learn more about indigenous culture across Canada.

So, here I am, putting this out into the universe to see what happens.

Merry Chris-moose.


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