There is something the kid wants desperately for Christmas. At first it was no way, then I thought maybe and now I want it for her almost as much as she wants it.

A trampoline for our backyard.

At first all I could think of was the cost, but the more I thought about it the more I thought how that cost would translate over years and years of use.

This is a child that does cartwheels wherever, whenever.


She’s taught herself acrobatics on the swing set in the backyard, that is now on its last legs.



She is quickly outgrowing the exercise trampoline that we got her for the basement to help her burn a little energy.

IMG_3402 (1)

And she loves the trampoline she gets to jump on at gymnastics.


She’s been in gymnastics since before she could walk – actually I’m pretty sure that class was one of the reasons she started walking so early. And she still loves it.

She’s an active, full of energy, bouncy girl who deserves her backyard trampoline.

I can only try to picture the excitement on Christmas morning when she realizes she has gotten her wish.

The only problem is that Christmas is in December, and her birthday is in January, and a backyard trampoline is not getting set up in either December or January. So once again this poor kid is going to have to wait and wait and wait for the snow to melt to be able to enjoy the one major gift she gets.

But that Christmas morning? That’s going to be unforgettable.

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