Canada has a cabinet with gender parity. Justin Trudeau told us he would do it and he did. For the past several days Twitter has been all, well, a-Twitter, about this and whether it’s right or wrong. I went on a Twitter rant and decided to put it here in blog form:

There is proof that having more women around the table makes companies more successful.

I would like to not need gender quotas or affirmative action, but at the moment there is no other way to achieve some kind of equality.

And if you research these women, they are experienced, highly educated, represent different parts of the country. By my count: 3 Lawyers, 2 doctors, a geoscientist, 1 PhD 2 Executive Directors, a Rhodes scholar…

If equality had been achieved by this false sense of “merit”then it wouldn’t be an issue, but it hasn’t so it is.

Now we still need to achieve many other kids of diversity in parliament and in cabinet.

More women in cabinet means more visible female politicians, means more girls know that they can do that too.

Just weeks ago a national newspaper pointed out that Lisa Raitt has kids, so maybe she shouldn’t run for the CPC leadership. James Moore and Peter MacKay both have children much younger than Lisa Raitt, but their kids were mentioned as a factor.

People judge women in politics. People judge women. There is nothing wrong with giving them a fair shot at proving themselves.

I don’t care whether or not he’s pandering to female voters. It doesn’t matter, because it’s something anyway. It means something.

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