It’s all over, the next part starts now. We have a new Prime Minister. So far he’s held a press conference, talked to the public in a public space and walked in the front door of Parliament, so change does appear to be coming.

I have to be optimistic that he’ll stand by the promises he made, just because I have to. And I have to be optimistic that right here is where politics starts to change because it feels like we hit bottom.

I dream of a time when the parties allow candidates to voice their own opinions and disagree with party policies but overall believe that the party they chose to represent is the best choice, because that’s more real to Canadians than sticking to the script all the time. I dream of a time when politicians can change their opinions based on new information and not be accused of flip flopping.

Right now I see opportunity. We have four years to change politics.

I hope to be a small part of it.

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