Alrighty folks. It’s just about that time. In about 12 hours polls will be open across the country and people will be heading to vote. I have been working long hours and long weeks since late August and I’m exhausted – just think of the people who started right when the writ dropped!

You know what makes it all worthwhile? People getting out to vote. People engaging in democracy makes it so much better.

And I can honestly say I have no idea what will happen when the polls close. I can congratulate BC, you’re going to matter this time. I think, and I know others who also believe, that we won’t have a clear idea of what’s happening until BC polls close.

My class on Tuesday morning should be interesting.

Once again I have been privileged to be a part of history. This campaign was different, this government will be different. I am thrilled to have worked on the campaign and I am thrilled to be able to sit back and study the results of it.

So please, everyone who reads this, please go and vote. Remind other people to vote. Take your kids with you to vote and teach them that it’s an important thing they need to do for their future. Both of my parents worked in politics, other family members demonstrated to me how important the government is in our lives and even more family members are hard working public servants who believe in the good work they can do there.

People who don’t vote because they think the government doesn’t matter to them or doesn’t focus on their issues – I hate to tell you this, but the federal government has a hand in virtually every aspect of our lives. What the federal government doesn’t control the provinces do, and they get a lot of money from the feds to do it.

And if they don’t matter in your life right now they will when you need EI or a pension or a passport or any number of other things.

I don’t know the guaranteed argument to get people out to the polls: f you don’t vote you can’t complain; if you don’t vote then the other guy’s vote counts twice as much; if you don’t vote you’re telling politicians to ignore your issues; if you don’t vote you’re turning your back on all the people around the world and across the ages who have fought and died for the right.

However you vote and for whatever reason, just do it.

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