I had a cold, and that cold turned into bad cough and eventually on Thanksgiving weekend that cough turned into a pretty constant struggle for breath, a trip to the emergency room and a whole bunch of prescriptions.

It also resulted in the doctor at the ER telling me that I was not allowed to go to work or school for three days.

At the tail end of the closest campaign in Canadian history.

And it was probably the best thing that could have happened.

Room to breathe. Time to work on assignments. Time with my kid after two months of very little, right when she might have needed it most. And now I can tell her just a few more days.

On Tuesday I’m cut loose. I got back to being a mom and a student with some work on the side. I get to go to class and then go home.

The house will be tidy again, the laundry will be done. No more ordering pizza for a while. And I had three days with my kid and her routine to demonstrate that.

It was like a time out. To remind us all that things are about to get easier. Almost normal, even.

And I’m smiling more. I’m still sick, still taking prescriptions, still working and trying to keep up with everything getting thrown at me. But I survived. I had fun even. I was engaged in something important and I can detach next week – let the parachute fly – with no regrets.

Anything could happen and I get to just sit back and watch.

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