It’s October now. That means the election just two more weeks away, and after that I’ll have fall reading week, which will be a great time to revive myself from the campaign and re-focus on my studies. It also means that it will be Halloween soon.

I am very happy to say that I found the kid a great costume before the campaign started, and it’s in her closet all ready for her when the day comes. It should even be warm enough.

But every time I think of this Halloween I think of last Halloween.

Joe was away for work, there was a football game that I wanted to take my Dad to, but it just didn’t seem to be working with the kid wanting to trick-or-treat. And then I asked Dad if I could bring the kid to his place and take her around my old neighbourhood.

As it turned out my sister (world’s greatest auntie) and I took the kid door to door while my mom and my dad’s long time partner sat inside and had tea together and Dad answered the door for all his trick-or-treaters – one of his favourite things to do.

Last Halloween is probably going to be one of my favourite memories of my dad, and my family, for the rest of my life. It marks a time when my parents were interacting again, I think because they were both big fans of my daughter.

It’s a memory of trick-or-treating at Grampa Joe’s house for my daughter, which is something that my sister and I always did. Sometimes we tried to trick him and see if he recognized us. One Halloween he found us at the door and he told us to wait right there for one second and he came back to take our picture. It sat on his bookshelf until this year when we cleaned out the house.

Two little girls, knocking on his door, asking for candy. (It should be noted that in that picture I was wearing a store-bought costume – the only year our mom did that – but I have done my own makeup, which consisted of taking face-paint crayons in a bunch and rubbing them all over my face. I was supposed to be a Cabbage Patch Doll).

The pictures that I have from last Halloween aren’t perfect. They’re blurry and the kid and Grampa both have red eye in one, but they do show a little bit of the joy I think they both felt that night.


He wasn’t always the greatest Dad, but he made a pretty good Grampa.

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