I’ve been thinking about the shooting in Virginia a lot today. It’s not the worst one – and I’m really sad to say that, two people having lost their lives live on television. But I will never forget the day of Sandy Hook. Never.

But today Joe sent me a note about this shooting when the news broke, and I went to Twitter to find out what was going on, because I’m a newshound and I like to keep as informed as possible. And that’s when I found out that not only were these two young people, they were two people who were in romantic relationships with colleagues (just like Joe and me) and that the cameraman’s fiancee was in the control room, watching live when the shots rang out and the screaming started.

And I can picture her sitting there, trying to think of everything that could be happening that wasn’t the worst possible thing.

I cannot begin to imagine losing Joe at all. But to imaging losing him in a brutal crime like that, witnessing it happening. I just can’t. It hurts me just to try to put myself in those shoes.

What makes it all worse is the inevitability of it. Something like this was bound to happen. There will probably be copycats. People trying to become infamous. And I won’t be surprised then either.

I will continue to not be surprised by mass killings and politicians who talk a big game but can’t actually face down the gun lobby. I will continue to not be surprised that their are Americans who think a 200 year old document provides them with the right to carry an automatic weapon and that that right is more important that thousands of lives each year. (And by the way – more guns does equal more deaths).

I can’t pretend Canada is above all this. We’ve had our Polytechnique and our Dawson College. My own hometown proved not to be immune last October and it shook me to the core. We have bad cops and racism too. We have our problems to fix and that I will never deny.

But at least I believe that we’ll actually try to fix them.

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