When I was a journalism student we had one class in which we were allowed to write about anything we wanted to learn more about. We had a set amount of words that we had to submit, but we could subdivide it in any way.

And while I am very proud of the piece I wrote on the ‘Paul is Dead’ phenomena, the one that I wrote about spin is probably more useful to me.

I was thinking about an interview I did for that piece when I saw a link to this one in the Ottawa Citizen about the Duffy trial currently underway in my hometown: Scott Reid writes ‘The first rule of crisis management? Don’t. Lie.’

The interview I did was with a comms professional for the local health agency, and one thing that she said to me was that in her work she never lies. A reporter has to ask her the right questions, but when that question comes she will answer truthfully.

It’s a great rule for PR professionals, and one that a lot of people with dim views of the “spin machine” industry probably don’t believe exists.

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