It’s been four years now and I remember almost every second of that day – from dropping my Blackberry when I saw the news, crying on my husband’s shoulder to heading downtown and being with all of your great people at the candlelight vigil and taking solace in just talking about you.

I didn’t realize it was this day. For some reason I thought it was later in the month, that’s why it hit me so hard, I think, to realize that we’re burying my father this same weekend.

Two men who influenced my life in different ways.

In his files there were a dozen or so letters to his sister in Denmark and there was one I found with a line about me, after you had died – “She cared a great deal about Jack Layton.”

And it’s true. I think most people who knew you and liked you felt the same. You made people feel special. You made us feel part of something special.

Of course, what I’ve discovered over the past year is that I still care a great deal about the things that you talked about. I still have passion to give there, and I will.

(I’ve learned since May 2 that I cared a great deal about my father too).

In just about two weeks I’ll be starting my Masters program. When I first told my Dad about it he said “Oh, you should do that.” And I think you would be happy to see young progressives joining in the movement to do politics better.

You left us your legacy Jack, and I’m keeping up with the team you had around you, people I like and admire, and I’d have to say we’ve got this.

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