I’m sitting here listening to my daughter cry. She’s in her room, in bed, throwing a wild tantrum because apparently she’s not tired. And also she’s still hungry. And also she wants someone to talk to and she can talk to her teddy, but she wants someone who will respond.

Her words by the way.

When she was a toddler and bedtime was the worst part of my day I assumed that it would get better as she got older. When it was still a struggle more often than not when she was a preschooler I thought that maybe when she learned to read it would finally be easier.

Now that she can read it’s still hard and I don’t know what the next solution will be.

It’s a constant battle. We’ve got a routine, we’ve tried different routines. We try to tire her out, we try to settle her down. I went to a pediatrician to talk about it. I have taken any and all advice.

When she was a baby there was more than one occasion that she woke up about two hours after we put her to bed and then just stayed awake until mid afternoon the next day. Before she was a year old she stopped napping regularly. My doctor told me that wasn’t possible. I told her it was with my kid.

This kid is just hard to put to bed. She hates it. She thinks too much and she plays too hard and she gets too worked up about the whole idea.


Once she does eventually give in and falls asleep she sleeps deeply. But that doesn’t stop her from waking up first thing in the morning. Usually around 6:30. No matter what time she goes to bed. (Which is why we’ve always defaulted to putting her to bed early).

I assume she’ll figure it out eventually. I’m tired of reminding her how important sleep is for her growing body and her brain. I’m tired of reminding her when she gets very upset or frustrated that she’s probably over tired. She’s a smart kid, so really she knows.

She just hates to sleep. And she gets it from me.

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