The kid had her last soccer practice of the summer today. I first signed her up knowing that she 1) lives being outside 2) loves being active and especially 3) loves running.

After I had registered her and paid the fee she then told me that when she was sitting in the room with me and I was registering her and I told her what I was doing and asked her if she still wanted to play soccer and she said yes what she really meant was that she wanted to discuss it more and maybe she didn’t really want to.

But at the first session she had a blast and she continued to enjoy it every week (except for one unfortunate week).

And then this week she won the medal for being the fastest runner on the team.

Now, I know this is an ‘everybody gets a medal’ situation, which is not a trend I like very much. But our coach made a point of coming up with a different reason for every medal – best eyes on the field, best passer – and my kid had a huge smile on her face when she learned that she had been chosen specially as her team’s fastest runner.


But what this summer of weekly soccer really showed me was that my kid is an athlete.

It’s something I would never, ever call myself. But there she is, out on a field, running with the other kids, making passes and blocking. And when she isn’t running around after the ball she’s standing in the corner of the field doing jumping jacks.

It’s a glorious thing, what she’s become. Tireless energy, strength, sense of adventure. It’s a great thing she can be for the rest of her life.

That’s better than the medal as far as I’m concerned.

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