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On the road again

August 4th, 2015 | Posted by Amy Boughner in Parenting | Personal

We are on our way home from the family reunion. As we live in the eastern and central part of the province and the family reunion is in the western and northern part of the province (but not the REALLY REALLY northern part) it takes us two and a half days to get back. We could do it in less, but that wouldn’t be good for the mental health of any of our dear travellers.

I love this country, I do, but it’s really big. So big. And Ontario. Man. Come on Ontario.

The good news is that it is beautiful. There is always something to look at as you roll along. For three days. And we didn’t even start at the bottom.

But the most beautiful part of the province we found on this drive was at the very end of it – Uncle Dave’s lake.

It’s a secluded little place, except for the many, many families members who travel there for the family reunion. Joe comes from a large family, which was supposed to be intimidating until I realized how much like my mother’s family they were. Moreover they are all decent, friendly people who just want to make you feel welcome. Especially when they know that their Joey cares about you. And especially when you bring them a very special kid that’s part of the next generation.

(And when that kid adorably plays with the cousin that was born on the exact same day).

Most important for me is that my kid gets to meet and have great memories with her great-grandparents. She has three living great-grandparents and that is special. (And I like to consider Joe’s grandparents mine). There’s just something about watching people love your child so much, it could make your heart burst.



I was scared of this trip. I’m scared every time. The three of us, packed into a car. Making sure you have everything so you can get dressed properly for different weather, you can snack on the drive, the kid has enough to do. The long drive. The hoards of people when we get there. Late nights, outdoor toilets, bug bites, sun burns.

This particular trip was harder for me because we found out just before we left that yeah, probably the writ was going to drop while we were away. And then when we got here cell service went down. So instead of having a spotty internet connection up at the lake I had no internet connection at all except borrowing my mother-in-law’s cell data.

And the writ was dropping. That’s my thing. I’m supposed to be on top of the news.


In actual fact, we watched the news and saw the first press conferences. And then we went to breakfast (and I had bannock French bread and it was amazing and seriously if you’re ever in Dryden go here). And then we went up to the lake and we talked and ate and swam and watched the kids play and I didn’t even think about it for most of the day.

In fact, what I kept thinking about was that we can’t wait another two years for the next one.



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