We don’t stop until the job is done


Last night I was lying in bed trying to sleep. This is a situation I’ve faced a lot recently because I’ve got a lot of things on my mind. School starts tomorrow, I’m working two jobs. I’ve got this kid that I miss desperately when I can’t see her. But last night something so strange […]

August 30, 2015

Shots rang out

Issues, Personal

I’ve been thinking about the shooting in Virginia a lot today. It’s not the worst one – and I’m really sad to say that, two people having lost their lives live on television. But I will never forget the day of Sandy Hook. Never. But today Joe sent me a note about this shooting when […]

August 27, 2015

Gone again


We buried my Dad today. The wooden box chosen as an urn looked very small. Smaller, even, than the last time I saw it. And we left him there with his parents and maternal grandparents. Family in a family town. It’s hard to believe it was so long ago, and such a short time ago, […]

August 23, 2015

Truth telling


When I was a journalism student we had one class in which we were allowed to write about anything we wanted to learn more about. We had a set amount of words that we had to submit, but we could subdivide it in any way. And while I am very proud of the piece I […]

August 23, 2015

Dear Jack


It’s been four years now and I remember almost every second of that day – from dropping my Blackberry when I saw the news, crying on my husband’s shoulder to heading downtown and being with all of your great people at the candlelight vigil and taking solace in just talking about you. I didn’t realize […]

August 22, 2015

Because I Care

Parenting, Personal

It has been a struggle in this house for the past couple of weeks. The summer has really messed with the kid and she’s been having a lot of trouble going to sleep at night since we got home from the family reunion. As a result she’s been overtired almost all the time. The past […]

August 20, 2015

Tourism in my hometown

Personal, Sponsored

When I first got the email from Ford about the Focus on my City campaign I was excited to drive around Ottawa and explore. Doing it all in an electric car was just a bonus. Now I have a problem. Because I know that the Ford Focus electric would be a perfect second car for […]

August 15, 2015

Too tired too much


I’m sitting here listening to my daughter cry. She’s in her room, in bed, throwing a wild tantrum because apparently she’s not tired. And also she’s still hungry. And also she wants someone to talk to and she can talk to her teddy, but she wants someone who will respond. Her words by the way. […]

August 12, 2015

Proficient in sports


The kid had her last soccer practice of the summer today. I first signed her up knowing that she 1) lives being outside 2) loves being active and especially 3) loves running. After I had registered her and paid the fee she then told me that when she was sitting in the room with me […]

August 9, 2015

On the road again

Parenting, Personal

We are on our way home from the family reunion. As we live in the eastern and central part of the province and the family reunion is in the western and northern part of the province (but not the REALLY REALLY northern part) it takes us two and a half days to get back. We […]

August 4, 2015