Sometimes I want the kid to have everything in the world she could ever want. I walk through a store and I see something I know she would love and I battle with myself – she doesn’t need any more stuff. In fact, she has too much and we really should purge, and the house is always messy with just SO MUCH. But I want her to be happy, and I want to get her surprises and I want to make up for all my failings, the time I spend away…

And sometimes…

Our backyard is a frustration. We’ve got weeds growing out of every crack and cranny, the grass grows too quickly, we’ve got bugs, we’ve got a stupid little patio and last year we bought a play structure for the kid that didn’t do very well this winter. It’s too big. Last year hornets made a nest on it, the slide won’t stand up to this very active child much longer. She loves to twist and swing and flip on the trapeze and swing, but it’s really becoming an annoyance.

We’ve talked about removing the slide and re-jigging the structure so we’re left with just the one swing and one trapeze bar.

But what she really wants is a trampoline.Because she’s a gymnast and she wants to practice big flips and tricks. But she also wants her swings. And why can’t we have a backyard big enough for both like one of her friends does?

Current basement 'not big enough' trampoline
Current basement ‘not big enough’ trampoline

I tell her that a trampoline is expensive and that’s something we’d have to seriously think about. And then she’s mad that we don’t just have more money.

Me too.

But right now, today, I just want her to know that she’s got it pretty good, and that compared to a lot of other people she is very, very lucky and maybe she could just take a day off wanting.

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