As I wrote before, I have a pile of books that I’m planning to read this summer sitting in my bedroom. They are a mix of political books helping to prepare me for the year ahead in my Masters program and business books helping me improve the work that I hope to do when I’m finished.

Currently I am learning a lot from the two books I have on the go. The first is The Doodle Revolution: Unlock the Power to Think Differently""“>The Doodle Revolution by Sunni Brown. This much less serious book is teaching me the value of sharing information visually. It helps you learn through a series of exercises that have been waking up a part of my brain I loved using as a kid.

I used to sit and sketch with my grandfather in the summers, and in high school I was known for my doodling during class. I firmly believe that doodling focuses your ears during long lectures or meetings. The book pushes you towards info-doodling, which helps collect information and present it in a way that’s easier to interpret for people who learn in different ways.


One of my favourite info-doodles ever:

What’s on your reading list this summer?

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