It’s been about a month since my father died. The house has been cleaned out and is up for sale, my basement is full of his academic papers (though I don’t think he ever would have called himself an academic) and I have taken on the task of scanning all the many family photos we found while getting the house ready.

There are dozens, maybe hundreds of photos, most of which I’ve never seen before. An entire scrapbook that my Granny kept, photos of my father when he was a little boy that were never shared.

Looking at these photos I have noticed something I never knew was there before – a certain resemblance between me and my dad.

Joe dungarees

We share facial expressions. The same non-smile.

People have long told me that I look like that side of the family and I chose to believe it without really seeing it. Now I see so much of me in my daughter, but there’s a difference.

Where I have a neutral expression the majority of the time, or even a frown, she is always smiling. She glows happiness.

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And she makes me smile when I’m with her.


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