I don’t remember when it started that I would get these ideas in my head that I just can’t let go of, no matter how little sense they make.

There was the idea to go out for roller derby three months after my daughter was born, out of shape and never having been on roller skates before. There’s this idea that I need to write a book that’s always been around and doesn’t seem to be going away.

There’s going back to school. That idea has been around since I graduated. Presumably if I do finish my Masters in 2016 then that inkling will go away, but who knows?

Last winter I grew a desire to learn how to cross-country ski. Having never been on skis in my life this seems like a terrible idea, but I’m still thinking about it. What is that about?

Lately – I mean always, but a lot lately – I have been desperate to be creative. We went to Show Tune Showdown (and if you haven’t been, you should go, and what better time than their 10 year anniversary next year… but I disgress). We went to Blog Out Loud Ottawa. All of these creative people doing their creative things, things that they love.

I need to write and draw and write and create. I need to do something. It’s an undying urge that’s totally separate from all the other things that I do – school, work, kid. It sits there and it doesn’t go away and I need to feed that thing. Soon.

Sometimes I do draw
Sometimes I do draw

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