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Wake up call

April 30th, 2015 | Posted by Amy Boughner in Personal

While last month¬†marked 10 years since our first kiss and the start of our relationship, there is a very important role that Joe plays that I’ve never touched on.

Joe does something for me that I have never been able to do for him.

For almost a decade he has been my alarm clock.

I am terrible at getting myself up early. I have always been a stay up late kind of person. In high school I had it down – I could wake up at 8:30, get dressed and catch the bus to be at school for 9 o’clock.

It was awesome.

And then, through some cruel irony, I started a job that I loved, but it happened to involve a 7-3 work day. And when a campaign rolled around I had to make the 6 am bus Рthe first one that rolled out.
Now, if I’m bad at getting up early, I’m even worse at doing it by myself. Keeping the lights out, being quiet, not resenting the still sleeping person…

Joe gets up with me, often before me, makes the coffee and see me out the door; despite the fact that this is something that I could never, ever, bring myself to do for him in return. (And the fact that he has no expectation of that makes it even more selfless).

And even when I’m at home, still snoozing, he’ll make the coffee and bring me a cup. Seriously. That’s love.

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