Joe’s birthday was last week, but it fell on the same day as my last exam and I’ve been sort of crazy for the past two weeks, and then the next day I slept all day and was still overtired and de-stressing. So basically, he got his presents, we went out for dinner, we had cake, but I didn’t even remember to wish him a happy birthday maybe at all.

And then today we took a day at home. We did things around the house – there was cleaning and tidying and electrical work. I got some work done. I’ve made a list of the things I want to do this summer with the time I now have.

And in the middle of the day I was scrolling through Twitter and saw the news that Jonathan Crombie had passed away.

Jonathan Crombie played Gilbert Blythe in Kevin Sullivan’s miniseries and I spent most of my life dreaming that I could find a Gilbert.

Someone who was a good friend, someone who loved me despite my sometimes crazy temper and wild emotion, someone who loved my brain and my thoughtfulness and my occasionally overly creative ways. Someone who will point out my flaws and mistakes but never make me doubt their friendship or love.

Well, there you go.


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