This morning I found out from Twitter that Jonathan Crombie had passed away. Crombie is best known for playing the most perfect Gilbert Blythe there will ever be. Hearing that he had died brought tears to my eyes.

I’d never met the man, but through dozens of viewings of the Kevin Sullivan miniseries I had fallen for Gilbert Blythe, like so many others. Because Anne was clearly an idiot and Gilbert was the perfect match for her and why couldn’t she just come to her senses. Dammit.

When I read the Anne series he and Megan Follows are the people I picture clearly in my imagination.

I know it must have been difficult for both of them, as actors, being so defined by those roles. I was so glad to read the interview with his sister who said he was happy to be recognized and remembered for it, and even responded to the name Gil on the street.

Rest in Peace Jonathan Crombie, you will always be Gilbert Blythe to me, and you will be my daughter’s Gilbert too. And thank you.

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