Wake up call


While last month marked 10 years since our first kiss and the start of our relationship, there is a very important role that Joe plays that I’ve never touched on. Joe does something for me that I have never been able to do for him. For almost a decade he has been my alarm clock. I […]

April 30, 2015

Early Childhood Education

Women's Issues

When my daughter started preschool I managed to accidentally join the executive at the school. It’s a co-op so all the parents are involved in different ways, and we all had duty days when we spend the afternoon at the school helping the teachers. As it turns out being on the executive and doing duty days at school […]

April 29, 2015

Professional Development

Learning, Work

I have the summer off before my Masters program starts in September. This also means that I have two months off by myself before my daughter gets off school. I am very excited about this time because it gives me more time to think and focus and prepare for next year and then what follows. […]

April 29, 2015

Get your brave on


Sometimes I think that I was given the child I ended up with through whatever greater power – as an aside, she once informed us that she chose us – to demonstrate for me a better way to live my life. I mean, just for starters this kid opened me up to love. I’m not […]

April 29, 2015

No way, Joe Oliver

Issues, Parenting

I watched a bit of the budget yesterday, I followed some of the coverage, I tweeted about some of the issues. It was until this morning that I saw Joe Oliver’s quip about leaving the repercussions of the decisions in this budget to “Stephen Harper’s granddaughter.” It made me angry at the time. I shared […]

April 22, 2015



Joe’s birthday was last week, but it fell on the same day as my last exam and I’ve been sort of crazy for the past two weeks, and then the next day I slept all day and was still overtired and de-stressing. So basically, he got his presents, we went out for dinner, we had […]

April 18, 2015

And for you, Gil

Books, Canadiana

This morning I found out from Twitter that Jonathan Crombie had passed away. Crombie is best known for playing the most perfect Gilbert Blythe there will ever be. Hearing that he had died brought tears to my eyes. I’d never met the man, but through dozens of viewings of the Kevin Sullivan miniseries I had […]

April 18, 2015

This is the end


In 2004 I started my undergrad at Carleton. In 2007 I opted to do a three year general degree instead of an honours degree and graduated assuming that I would never go back to do any sort of post-secondary. I got married, eventually found a job that I fell in love with, a couple of […]

April 15, 2015

Crunch Time


I had my last class today. Now I have a week to study for exams. I have four exams, four days in a row and I’m trying to get everything organized so that I can quickly study for each class in the short time I have between exams. All of this means that I have […]

April 7, 2015

Kidsfest 2015


My kid LOVES the Puppet Tamer. She loves puppets, she loves funny, and the Puppet Tamer is both. And so the Puppet Tamer’s appearance is one of the things I will tell her to get her excited about going to Kidsfest this year. Also Peppa Pig, Junkyard Symphony, Splash ‘N Boots… the list goes on. […]

April 1, 2015