Joe and I are at a conference this weekend, two full days of panels and networking. We were very lucky because this particular conference has child care available, so we didn’t have to arrange our schedules in a way to make sure that one of us was around for bus drop off and bed time and to make sure the kid was fed and entertained.

We opted to take her out of school on Friday so she could spend Friday and Saturday in proximity to us. Fed and taken care of. She’s in the hotel so I’ve dropped in a visited a few times on breaks.

Colouring a schnauzer
Colouring a schnauzer

When I have visited this is what I hear: “You’re not done are you?”

In other words – ‘you’re not here to take me home, are you?’

When we finally went to take her home at the end of day one she was near tears because she didn’t want to leave.

I am thrilled.┬áThe people in the childcare room are amazing, clearly love what they’re doing and also seem to genuinely like my kid.

But, you know, I like her too, and I like to spend time with her and have her spend time with me, and not be sad that she’s not playing with someone else. Almost devastated that she has to come home with us.

(Seriously, she wanted to sleep at the hotel).

But, overall I have to thank the people at Progress Summit who organized the childcare, got these people that my kid has fallen in love with over just a few hours, the people that my kid doesn’t want to leave behind.

This is the second day and they have play dough and Spot It. She’s definitely going to cry when we pick her up this time.

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