It happens in the blink of an eye. Four simple words: “I don’t feel good,” and your entire day is lost to the ether.

I have class this afternoon, I have an assignment to, I had scheduled a meeting and I was going to pick up some books at the library, maybe even go to the gym after I got the kid on the school bus. All of that was out the window by 8 am when I made the phone call to the elementary school that the kid was staying home.

Quick emails sent to my professor and the guy I was supposed to be meeting, a note sent to the husband. Trying to figure out how I can still eke out some work today.

This kid, you see, doesn’t lie down when she’s sick. She doesn’t do the ‘rest’ thing. She’s still active. She plays, she wants attention. And she talks. So much.

All of this – making sure she’s eating well, drinking fluids, feeling okay, not over-extending herself, not bored – means that it’s hard to sit at my desk and read the things I need to read for next week, or work on the essay I have to start, or do the lab I have due next week.

This is one case where being a working mom or a work-from-home mom was much easier. She’s sick, I take a sick day too, maybe try to get a little bit of work done. These days I don’t have any time to waste. Especially with an essay two in two weeks, another one in three weeks and one in four weeks, which is right before exams.

2015-02-14 11.47.43

I don’t begrudge her. In fact I’ve been missing her a lot lately, with all the stuff I have to do. And she certainly needed the day. But man oh man I wish she was the kind of kid that was happy lying on the couch under a blanket when they’re sick.


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