There is a young guy in one of my classes that has been driving me crazy. He’s in my TA group and he talks a lot. It’s not just that he talks so much that bothers me, it’s not that he cracks stupid jokes or that he repeats himself.

What really bothers me is that almost every single thing that comes out of his mouth is a complaint. After a few weeks of spending a hour together I’ve had to wonder if he is so stupid that he doesn’t understand anything, if he hates his program and classes so much why he bothers to attend school. If his day to day life is so horrible then why doesn’t he change something. He not only seems to prefer being unhappy, he also wants to broadcast his negativity to everyone around him.

And every week he wears on me more and more. And I look at him and wonder if people ever feel that way about me.

I see a lot of things that are wrong. There are a lot of things that I would like to change about the world around me and about myself. I fight depression and I’m a pessimist so I know that I turn to the negative.

So I wanted to write myself this little note, for the record:


  • I love school, I’m so glad I went back, it’s re-ignited my passion and I know I’m in the right place and I get to go to class and be engaged every day.
  • I love my family, my daughter is more awesome and amazing as the days go by.
  • I love our home. I love this city, I don’t even mind the weather.
  • My relationship with my father is better than it’s ever been in my life.
  • Joe is a gift and I can’t believe he chose me.
  • I am thankful for the friends that I have in my life and the support that they offer.
  • I feel very privileged, which is why I want to work hard to help other people get access to the privileges I have.
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