As soon as the kid showed interest in dressing herself I let her have at it. I was thrilled actually, especially with the outfits she would come up with.


I mean, it was pretty obvious she was awesome right away. And better at dressing herself than me.

Now that we have to leave for the bus early, or at least earlier than she’s used to having to be out of the house, she will often ask me to just bring her some clothes, which I don’t mind doing, though I prefer she does it herself. Last night we were sorting her laundry and I realized how long it could potentially take for her to get dressed if I forced the matter.

I got her a couple of new pairs of leggings when I went to the Target liquidation – one thing I am going to miss about Target is the clothes I’ve been able to find for her there, they fit her so nicely. One of the pairs of leggings was leopard print, which is not something I wear, but she likes it so they came home with me. She hadn’t seen them before I washed them but she picked them out of the laundry pile right away and declared her love.

She declared that she would wear them then next day, so now it was our quest to find something to go with them.

That’s where the fun began.

She laid out five shirts that could potentially go with the pants and then eventually narrowed them down to two, given that she wanted to wear long sleeves. Then we pulled out five dresses and she laid each one on top of the pants and asked me to rank them. She then wrote the ranking down.

Not kidding
Not kidding

We removed the two dresses with the lowest ranking, then brought the two ‘maybe’ shirts back into the mix.

I swear I am not making this up.

We had a long conversation about whether she wanted to wear a dress or a shirt. By the time she needed to get to bed I think we still had two dresses and one shirt in the running.

And I was reeling thinking about shopping for a prom or wedding dress with this child.

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