One of the things that we tell the kid often is how strong she is and how wonderful it is that she’s so active. She started moving, dancing and kicking in the womb and she’s never stopped. Her legs are powerful, her arms are strong, she’s flexible and agile and inherited only a little bit of clumsy.

We tell her these things often, but I wonder if she really understands how amazing her body is and how wonderful it is that she enjoys being active. It took me more than two decades of my life to realize that I enjoy sweating. I don’t have a sport that I love, I’m trying to find it now, at 33.

I am very proud of the fact that this child has been ready, willing and able to throw herself into so many activities and find what she likes. She’s even asked to do soccer this summer, and I’m thrilled because soccer is great fitness, it’s outdoors and if she enjoys it, it’s something that she can play for the rest of her life.

I wish I could play soccer. I wish I trusted my body to hold up to what I’d like to put it through.

She’s in hockey now. It’s not a league, it’s just an introduction class. I am amazed at how much she pays attention to the instructors, how persistent she is with the drills, how she’s not afraid of falling and every time she does she gets right back up and keeps going.

She just gets up and keeps going.

That might be the greatest thing, beyond all the strength and power she has in her mind she is also persistent and fearless. She will live her life as a force to be reckoned with.


And I will live my life cheering her on, and trying to live up to what she’s taught me.

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