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The funky music

February 15th, 2015 | Posted by Amy Boughner in Personal

One of the things that I need to help me get out of my ennui, I think, is music that fits my moment.

It seems like every time I have gone through a period of intensity or change in my life I have had some bad that really speaks to me in that moment. When I was living in Fort Frances, Ontario and I was lonely and depressed it was the Wicked Soundtrack. When I quit my job and decided to go to university at 23 it was Simple Plan. When I moved to Regina to try and start a new life for us in a new place and I was away from Joe, Keane was perfect.

When I was a kid I went through a musical phase, I had my NKOTB phase, and sometimes Linkin Park is just the ticket. I was Beatles crazy in Grade 9. Through the rest of high school I was alternative girl and full into Canadian rock – Our Lady Peace, I Mother Earth, Sloan. Classic. In college I was all about Default. (Does anyone remember Default? The lead singer is a country star now).  There was a Robbie Williams period in there too.

But where is my theme song for right now? For this time when I’m in school and trying to work and be a good mother and a decent wife and also maybe a little bit healthy. Music that I can concentrate to, music that I can dance with my kid to, music that I can clean to.

An album that I can put on and play over and over and over. A playlist that I can take with my everywhere. Something that fits my moment.


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