I got the job in November, but for the first few issues I was in training. I didn’t start working by myself until January, and that’s when I started getting to know the rest of the staff. I also got to know my editor very well.

Though it did take me almost an hour to notice that he had shaved off his long blue hair when we all came back from Christmas break.

Unlike this year, I had no reasons to rush home after my classes, and the office gave me a place to stash my stuff, so I would hang around on the couches having great conversations about topics that varied in importance.

Sometimes I would just sit and listen to my colleagues debate.

2005 was a good year.

I was back in school and leaving journalism behind, but my background got me this decent job with great people and my own space.

And it got me a husband.

In March of 2005 we kissed. In April we started officially dating. In August we moved in together. In December we got a puppy. In 2006 we got engaged, in 2007 we got married, in 2009 I was pregnant and at the beginning on 2010 I had our baby girl. In 2012 we bought a house and I quit my job and in 2014 I went back to school.

Meanwhile Joe has worked at five different places (in seven different jobs?) and we’ve moved five times.

That’s a big decade. There will probably never be another decade in my life that sees as much change and yet it all seems to have gone by so quickly. It’s impossible that I’m turning 34 this month, that I’m almost done my fourth year of university – and I’ll be walking across the stage eight years after the first time I picked up my degree – that our little girl is halfway through junior kindergarten, that this year we celebrate 8 years married.


How is it possible I’ve spent almost a third of my life with this man? And that’s he has spent almost a third of his life with me?

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