We’ve put the kid into a lot of activities since she was a baby. At first she and I did them together – swimming and gymnastics. There have been classes she does with Daddy, like all sorts of sports, t-ball and soccer. She’s carried on in some and some we’ve left behind. Her constants have been gymnastics in fall, spring and winter, swimming in summer and skating in winter.

Except this year instead of skating she’s taking Introduction to Hockey.

She wasn’t sure if she really wanted to play hockey, but we wanted her to try it out, and we certainly didn’t want to enrol her in a league if she wasn’t going to enjoy that, so I found this course through the City of Ottawa, we registered her and she got all the equipment she needed – some used, some for Christmas from Grandma and Grandpa and then a jersey and socks to top it all off.

At the end of last winter she was a great skater. Fearless. She would skate as fast as she could until she fell and then got right back up to do it again. I was so impressed with her, especially given my skating skills.

But when she headed out onto the ice for her first hockey lesson it had been almost a year since she had last skated and she was wobbly. She fell often. Watching her my eyes filled with tears because I worried she was going to get upset or frustrated, maybe burst into tears. I was so worried about her it was hard to watch.

But she just kept getting back up. Even though she was one of the slowest on the ice, even though she couldn’t quite figure out how to hold her stick. She just kept going. With a big smile on her face.

When she came off the ice I told her I was SO proud of her and she turned to me and said “I’m proud of me too.” And that made my heart swell even more.


Last night she woke up after a bad dream and I brought her into our bed and snuggled with her. I took the chance to tell her again how brave I thought she was and all the reasons why – because what she had done was a hard thing for her put she pushed herself.

“I like doing hard things because then I get to be brave at them.”

That’s my girl. She’s smarter than me sometimes.


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