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January 10th, 2015 | Posted by Amy Boughner in #MommyScholar | Personal
Just before midnight

Just before midnight

This semester is going to be harder than last semester. I know this because I’m taking two fourth year courses instead of just one and I’m taking a statistics class that I’m very intimidated by. All this will be helped by the fact that my five professors appear to be awesome.

So what do I do when you know that this semester is going to be harder than the first one, and that this year will probably be one of the hardest of my life? Make it a wee bit harder.

Joe and I have talked a lot about our budget and our health, I’ve blogged about both. Getting things under control, being sick and tired of the stress.

Historically when I try to control these things part of my brain panics and I tend to do exactly the opposite of what I’m meant to be doing – I pull out my credit card, I eat more snacks that I normally would. I act like an addict. I get sneaky.

So if this year is going to be hard, then maybe it will work if I just tack on a bit more hard. But all that hard makes things easier. That’s what has to be my mantra this year – all the hard will make things easier. I can come out of this two year ready and raring to go.

2015 is getting our budget under control. 2015 is getting fitter, pushing myself a little harder.

The two go together too – because we’re working on a cash system there won’t be money there to buy the sneaky snacks that I shouldn’t be eating.

If, you know, being healthy, having more energy and having savings, less debt and less money stress isn’t enough of an incentive then Joe and I are also going to try out Gail Vaz Oxlade’s Hardest Ever to Win Contest.

I think it’s all going to be about paying more attention. It’s going to be about reminding myself and having other people remind me why I need to eat a certain way, why I need to get to the gym or get outside for a walk, why I don’t need to go shopping right now.

I’m relying on friends who have been there, done that and they seem ready and willing to help. Hopefully this will be the last time I start all over again. Ever forward.

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