One of the movies I really wanted to show the kid was the 1982 version of Annie that I grew up watching. I thought she’d love the singing and dancing, the happy ending.

But I also knew that there were bad people and scary parts – specifically the scene at the train tracks. In the past she’s shut down as soon as it becomes clear there are bad guys, she wants it turned off.

One afternoon at the beginning of the year Joe had gone out, the kid and I were looking for something to do and I thought this must be my opportunity.

Without telling her anything about it, I started streaming Annie to our TV. From the moment Hard Knock Life began she was totally transfixed. Honest-to-goodness transfixed. I don’t think she took her eyes off the movie until the final credits.

This is the power of Albert Finney people.

I’m going to try Hello Dolly next, maybe the Music Man. This child may just fall in love with all the movie musicals I loved as a child.

Insert evil laugh.

Disclosure: Staples Canada provided me with a Chromecast as part of their #StreamInto2015 campaign. 


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