I don’t like resolutions. There’s a whole long year out there and I don’t know what’s going to happen. Last January I could never have guessed where I would be at the end of the year – waiting for grades and heading into my second semester. But there are things I need to do more of, remember to do, do better.

1) Floss

I have finally gotten through all the dental work I needed when I finally went back to the dentist after years of avoidance and no insurance. Now I must take care of my teeth.

2) Hit 5,000 steps every day

I track my steps and activity with a Fitbit, and there are days when I do pretty well, but there are other days when it’s pretty pathetic. I’m going to make a rule that if I don’t hit 5,000 steps I have to get myself on the treadmill. Also important because Joe and I have registered for the Ottawa Race Weekend 5K.


3) Read 50 books

I made it to 54 in 2014, I can do it again.

4) Do more art

I used to sketch with my Gramps, sometimes I draw with the kid, but I do miss being creative.

5) Do more jigsaw puzzles

I spent a good deal of my holiday doing jigsaw puzzles and very much enjoying it. You start out, you get your edge pieces, things start coming together and then you get into a groove or you get to a point where the thing seems truly impossible. And then you finish.

It’s not just jigsaw puzzles, I finally finished a blanket I was knitting, and now I’ve started another one. Small pleasures. I need to take advantage of more of those.

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