It’s a tradition in the community I associate myself with to try and define each new year with three words – a simple way to set out goals for yourself and your business. I’ve done this exercise for the past few years, both personally and professionally. Last year my focus for my work was learning, growing and being open.

I’d say that my rather big decision to go back to school and get my Masters fits into those three words pretty nicely. It was a decision that sort of came out of the blue to me. An idea that fermented with input from different people in my life and had led to a lot of learning, a lot of personal growth and being very open to all the experiences I’m having.

Learning will continue to be a theme this year. I have the second semester of my honours year to finish and by the end of January I should get my acceptance into the Masters program I applied for, which is a very good fit for my interests, my skills and my goals.

As we are moving into an election year and I am doing my education in politics, advocacy and action will be major staples in the year ahead. Moving forward to define myself and the work I do to better the world that we live in.

As for some sort of work-life balance, something will always have priority. There will be days when my daughter is sick, there will be days when I have an assignment coming due and there will be days when I get a work project that I’m very excited about. Everything has it’s time, everything in it’s place. Prioritizing is key, organization is key – Knowing what’s what and where everything stands.

It will be a good year. I’m almost certain of that.


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