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December 31st, 2014 | Posted by Amy Boughner in Canadiana | Personal

Last year Joe and I went out to party for New Year’s Eve. We stayed over at a hotel and danced past midnight. And I all could think was that I hadn’t seen my baby girl yet in 2014.

We’re not partiers. We’re watch the countdown on TV-ers. It’s warm at home and my pyjamas are infinitely more comfortable than anything else I would wear.

The last time we went out on New Year’s Eve and both had a really great time was when the World Junior Hockey Championships were in Ottawa and we went to see Canada play the US. ┬áNow this year Joe was lucky enough to have a friend who was lucky enough to win tickets to the whole tournament and he has gone to Montreal for the game. I am here.


Go Canada Go

Being very jealous. Best damn game of the year.

But he’ll be back by midnight and the whole family can welcome 2015 together in the morning.

I usually have three words to define the new year, I have not done that yet. I know that next semester is going to be very hard, harder than the last one. I know that I have work to do on my physical self and I want the numbers on the scale to be vastly different at the other end of 2015.

But I cleaned the house today because that’s how I like things to be for New Year’s, and tomorrow I’m going to hang out with my kid and work on a jigsaw puzzle.

But seriously, if you’re not watching the game you should be.

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